In this part we question the logic of how we find GFs, and it’s once again to question why someone who isn’t Zog isn’t the main character.

 Find out who in Part Forty Three: Once, Twice, Three Times A Canine

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I like to call this hobo Mads Mikkelsen but its really just a casual Mads. A beanie, zip up jacket and some jeans (not pictured). Closet cosplay? hmm definitely lol. This was inspired by many of the photos that i have come across where Mads has a beanie on. First photo is a before shot. 

are u shitting me

wtf are you mads

I am flattered but obviously i’m not Mads xD. I’m just someone that’s good with make up ^_^

you mean amazing with makeup?

 Also good with posing, that hand there is helping to obscure the prominence of her cheekbone and thus helping the illusion.

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I’m not sure why my mother still doesn’t seem to accept that I’m suicidal, I went to the hospital on Saturday for this exact reason.

 It hasn’t even been a week.

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Coming soon to Disney


yo im not playin around but i genuinely cant tell whos who rn

 I don’t know… Honey Lemon actually doesn’t look that much like Rapunzel in that picture.

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Who doesn’t love people in power armour fighting Soviet robots?

Nobody, that’s who.

Vanquish review is up at Fission Mailure.

For men whose garb and fighting style is unsuited to Soviet robot combat, please see this UFC Undisputed 3 review.

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//cats & boxes

are you fuckin kiddin me

"If I fits, I sits" applies to all cats

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It’s time to do some running around, and in the process we learn that there were no British people in the localisation team.

 Also, we finally talk about how weird Zog’s in game character model looks.

 So make sure to check out Part Forty Two: Those Fine Looking Lads (Warning: Does Not Include Squall Leonhart)



"You don’t understand. What could be more heterosexual than pressing buttons to make two lovingly rendered graphics of sweaty, near-naked men run their hands over each other’s heaving bodies?

Yep, so, UFC Undisputed 3 review up at Fission Mailure.

Still a better love story than Fifty Shades of Grey. Here’s an editorial about that.

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Here’s a practice snippet of a project of mine.

 I call it ‘Miss Holmes, Consulting Detective’.

 Because Victoria Coren is right, genderbending Watson doesn’t prove anything.

 Especially when you genderbend him into an American with no military experience.



People tend to get stammery and unable to talk when I glare at them, and I’m not sure why, as I am a skinny bundle of awkwardness, tremors and geekery with a perpetual headcold and a voice like an asthmatic Pikachu.

 Okay, one: You do not sound like an asthmatic Pikachu. You have a reasonably deep man voice that makes you sound elegant and refined. Especially when you put in the effort to enunciate.

 Two: Boy, you’ve been working out. You’re nice and muscly now.

 Three: You have noble blood, and aristocrats are good at scary.

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